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01 – Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner


I was lucky enough to partake in some fine beverage this weekend as we celebrated Emerson’s bachelor party. For fans of a typical Pilsner, don’t even think about this purchase. Coming in at 110 IBUs this bad boy will punch you in the face with hops. Honestly my mouth puckered after 3 and I had to switch beverages.

Being a fan of hops, this was heaven. It had the strong hop flavor but it still wasn’t overpowering so you couldn’t drink it. Other guys were drinking Miller Lite and talking about women while I’m holding my glass up to inspect color of the beer, sticking my nose in to get that hoppy good aroma and taking my time savoring the work put into this. Thankfully I know when to turn off the beer snob and get into the conversation. In this town just say “How about dem <insert pens or steelers>!” and you’re golden.

Griff told me it ran about $62 for a case so I may need to stock the beer cellar. Though at 24 bottles that may be sitting for awhile. I’ll have to stop at 3 sons instead and get a 4pk.