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03 – Erie Brewing Ol Red Cease and Desist


I picked up a case of this year’s version of Ol’ Red from Erie Brewing. For years this has been one of the few beers that I wait to hit the Pittsburgh market since it is a limited brew. This year is 1%  higher in alcohol to push it to 10.1% and has another new name. From what I learned via email from Erie Brewing that they were served a “Cease and Desist” letter (hence the name)  because the old logo was a kid with an eye patch and b.b. gun ala A Christmas Story.

Ok, now the beer. I broke my rule and bought a case of something I never tasted. Usually I try a bottle at 3 Sons Dogs n Suds first. At $30 a case at Save on Beer I figured wtf, why not. First off it’s 10.1% so that right there makes it a buy. It’s a scottish style ale with a hint of alcohol taste. Not like Ole Heathen but it’s noticeable. It has great head retention with a perfect 2 finger pour and a nice malt finish.

I give it a thumbs up. Overall I think this is one of my favorite Erie beers. I did get a sample of the Misery Bay IPA while at the Great International Beer Fest last weekend. You will be in for a GREAT surprise once it’s available.


02 – Sierra Nevada Harvest Fresh Hop Ale 2007

This is 22oz of deliciousness…

6.2% ABV – Fall Release

Poured a light amber color with a fluffy head. Aroma of fresh tea leaves and nice hop flavor that wasn’t overpowering… and damn was it tasty 🙂