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09 – Fat Heads Ale


This is a birthday beer from my bro which he picked up from one of my absolute favorite mecas in Pittsburgh. Fat Heads Ale is specially brewed and bottled by Rogue Brewing and sold exclusively in their upstairs 6 pack shop. If you can’t make it to Fat Head’s but do have access to Rogue’s, pick up a few bottles of Younger’s Special Bitter. Same beverage, different bottle.

This particular selection is and English Bitter so you’re going to experience a moderate malt tone along with mid to high levels of hops. Don’t expect much of an alcohol kick as this comes in low around 4-5% ABV.

The pour on this was amazing. Dare I say it was beer porn? There was a feathery pillow of head on top that was inviting to lay a hop leaf in it (that’s for you PodCampPgh 2 pre-post dinner partiers). The body had a light amber but the flavor was anything but that. Full taste that wasn’t heavy on the palate. I found a medium level of malt and hops which were a pleasant treat plus the lacing left on the glass was very impressive (again, beer porn).

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, this one gets a thumbs up. Besides the great tasting beverage I have to give props to the bottle art. The front decor is the Fat Heads logo, which I think looks good on anything, while the side lists the ingredients (lets see fizzy yellow beer do that) and the Fat Heads way of life… chill out man. have a beer!

IBU – 35
Lovibond – 317
A.A. – 75
Plato – 12

Fat Head’s website –


08 – Clipper City Holy Sheet!


Clipper City Brewery in Baltimore MD brings this week’s craft beer from their Heavy Seas series in the form of Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale (9%ABV).

Right off the bat I thought this to be a find as it was part of the Heavy Seas variety case I picked up from Save on Beer in Cranberry TWP. Holy Sheet comes out in February as a seasonal and not one I usually see around these parts.

The aroma reminds me of the banana bread my gram used to make back in the day. You know the kind, the same one the old ladies in the parish make for the church bake sale and that you wash down with a glass of milk. That’s the bread I’m talkin about!

There was little head on it which was a letdown since the aroma when I poured it was so delicious. It does carry a deep amber color which was visually appealing but had absolutely no lacing on the glass and in fact it runs down quick like soapy water.

The taste… *oye* Remember how I said I don’t care for barleywines? Well guess what, this one should be added to that category. It’s drinkable but leaves a strong barleywine bitterness in my mouth. In fact, imagine a civil war between hops and the malt. Gettysburg is your mouth. Well minus the 3 days of killing (i hope).

Would I buy this again? Not a chance. Would I drink if someone bought it for me? eh, maybe but only if I have to drink one. This is the first bad beer I’ve had from this brewery so I can say that this one surprised me. I’m hoping that tomorrow morning my stomach doesn’t have me screaming this beer’s name literally. Then we have problems.


07 – Troegs Nugget Nectar


Tröegs is one of my favorite breweries. Their Troegenator Doublebock is in my top 5 of best beers ever.  It came no surprise to me when I poured this Nugget Nectar that a shift in my standings was due.

The Nugget Nectar is listed as a red ale so don’t let the intense hops aroma fool you. Before that may scare you away the aroma isn’t overpowering. It poured a good head that was slightly fluffy. Unfortunately it was gone very fast. Nectar has a medium amber color to it instead of a darker red (the picture doesn’t do the hue justice). The body? Ohhhhhhh sweet jesus was it sinful. I’m going as far as to say that I would take this over my beloved Dogfish Head 90 minute.  The finish was smooth and didn’t hang around for awhile.

Buy it now.  Seriously. Stop what you’re doing and buy a 6pack.


06 – Brother David’s Triple Abbey Style Ale


Last week I brought you the Brother David’s Belgian-style Double Ale. This week we meet his bigger and older brother, the Triple Abbey Style Ale.

A Triple basically means that it uses three times the malt than that a Trappist. Alcohol level is generally from 8% to 12% and the lighter body comes from the use of Belgian candy sugar. At 10% ABV this Triple surprised me at first as it poured and carried the aroma of an IPA and little to no head. Initial taste was that of a Granny Smith apple but after a few more I was in a hoppy grape world. Hoppy grape? Yeah, hoppy grape. I know, odd eh?

Unlike the double, this one didn’t overpower my palate and left me with a floral vibe like that of a Stone Vertical Epic. There was wax on this one also(but gold) so I had to break out the foil cutter once again. No special design on the cap so feel free to tear it apart.

Brother David, you have balanced out your score with me as I give this a thumbs up.

mmm 10% is making me feel a little warm inside. I think it’s time for my favorite chair.