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15 – Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA

Didn’t think I’d get it in did ya? What do you expect when the Pens are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals? *SHEESH* They won tonight btw, 3-2 🙂

Great Lakes has always been a favorite brewery of mine since I started into craft beer. Yeah i know, it’s close to where I’m from but that’s not why I enjoy them. Trust me there has been plenty of junk beer brewed in the Great Lakes area of PA/OH/NY. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad beer from them.

My first experience with the IPA came a couple weeks ago when I went Cornholing. Since we had some  leftovers I decided to throw a couple in my fridge for later so I could revisit when my taste wasn’t tainted with Yuengling.

The Commodore Perry pours a light to medium golden body (which is uniquie for IPA’s I usually drink) with a healthy head. For the lacing addicts I’m currently half way done with my glass and it’s keeping a hold with strength and grace. The nose on this threw me off. Under a blind smell test I would have sworn this was a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. A floral of hops and malt. The taste was very interesting which kept me investigating. Most of the time I have a lingering taste of hops in my mouth but this one has a nice malt finish to take away from the bite of the hops.

final verdict: If you’re a fan of IPA’s and you like the mild sweetness of malt then you should waste no time in picking up a 6 pack.

Great Lakes website:



14 – Moylan’s Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale

It’s been a few weeks so what do I do on my first day back… happy hour of course! Lushie and I actually went to dinner at Mad Mex tonight and since it was during happy hour I had to take advantage of the specials. Honestly the $7 for a pint (16oz) seems VERY high since I can buy a bomber bottle (22oz) from 3 Sons Dogs and Suds for $8 but this WAS happy hour so I partaked in 32oz for $7.

Moylan’s is the most hyped beer in recent memory to come into the Commonwealth of PA. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get the hopsickle on cask at Fat Heads. A day later 3 Sons announced they had a well stocked supply of all available in PA. I was geeked and when I arrived last Thursday found myself engulfed in the Pens game plus many bottles of Shipwrecked Porter.

The scottish ale comes in at 8% which is around average for a scottish ale/wee heavy. Since this was brought from the server the head had pretty much dissipated. This craft beverage could very well be the best draft I have ever had at a Mad Mex. The perfect mix of hints of malt, hops and fruit with a creamy finish ranks this as a gold medal winner in my book. No lingering overkill taste on the palate makes this a must buy on tap. I’ve been told that this is a must buy also in the bomber bottle so that may be this week.

My opinion, go buy it NOW! Seriously… stop now and buy it. I have a feeling that after a few of these you could live up to it’s aptly titled name.