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17 – DuClaw Naked Fish

This past weekend my cohort in craft beer went to Baltimore for the 2nd annual Gravy Fest. Since I was stuck here in Pittsburgh finishing my last final he was nice enough (I bugged the hell out of him) to pick up a growler from DuClaw for me.

Apparently the bartender mucked up the order and instead fo me getting an imperial pils I lucked out with a delicious chocolate raspberry stout. I’ve had quite a few of these from other breweries but none pleased me as much as this one. The aroma on this one was a noseful of raspberry and chocolate bliss. The raspberry in taste though once wasn’t in your face dominate. The chocolate was barely noticeable but the characteristics of a stout were dead on.

Overall it’s a good stout but after having other beers from DuClaw it’s not worth driving to Baltimore for. Now if I’m already there that’s another story. i could drink a lot of it.

Chocolate Rasberry Stout
Color: Black
Hop Variety: Goldings
Grains: Pale malt, Roasted barley, Caramunich malt, Chocolate malt
Bitterness: 30 BU’s
Gravity: 12 plato
Alcohol Content: 4.6% abv


16 – Oskar Blues Gordon IPA

Pens pre-game (Pens lost 3-2 and the cup 4-2) tonight was at Mad Mex in Cranberry once again and to keep the pattern going it was another IPA. Gordon IPA is from the Oskar Blues brewing company in Colorado. The thing you need to know is that they are the pioneers of successfully putting craft beer in a can. That’s right, in a can.

It was difficult to judge the color of the pour due to the dim lighting in Mad Mex but the head was about 2 fingers. The aroma on the beer was generous of hops but what got me was the taste. you’ll notice the hops right away but it’s not overpowering. There was malt but not too much sweetness and amazingly the finish I had on it reminded me of chocolate raspberry candy. I know, weird eh?

I have had this from the can before (this was on draft) and honestly it’s a world of difference. No doubt that I will take the draft over the can but the canned product is still delicious. I will have to try this one on tap elsewhere just to make sure the taste wasn’t a residual from a previous beer that the restaurant had in stock.

Buy it if you can but try to find it on tap.

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