75 – Dark Horse Scotty Karate Scotch Ale

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Dark Horse – Scotty Karate Scotch Ale
brewery: Dark Horse – darkhorsebrewery.com
style: Scotch Ale
abv: 9.5%
serving size: 12oz
glass used: pint
price: $2.69

For those of you who don’t know who “Scotty Karate” is… He is a local one man band who plays an amazing slurry of honky tonk influenced, punk country songs. His voice is amazing as well as his high energy shows. (Check him out @www.scottykarate.com) So, we decided to make a beer and name it in his honor. This beer is a big, full bodied Scottish ale. It is 9.75% alc. but it is very smooth and balanced. Since Scotty is also very passionate about  beer I asked him to write a description for you, so from the man himself…

Aroma: Smells like A fresh caramel apple with a hint of cinnamon inside of cranberry shortbread. Or maybe fresh home made hard candy (from home economics class-7th grade).
Flavor: Tastes like a smokey chocolate chip cookie, wild roadside cherry-asparagus, woody, crispy leaf on a fall day. -SK

Silver medal winner 2007 Great American Beer Festival

What I think
The aroma for me was close to the commercial description with the presence of caramel noticeable as soon as I put the bottle down. The taste was pure malt with a twang of alcohol, a little nut and slight hops. The finish was smooth and a little on the bold side. It packed a wallop and felt great.

For the price, if you don’t pick up a bottle of this to try, you’re a fool. Even if you aren’t fond of the style you MUST give this a try. Besides at less than $3 you can’t lose. That’s 1/2 a pack of smokes and you will feel much better drinking one of these.

Spoon’s rating: A-

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