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79 – Beer School: Shells Pils, Edelherb Pils, Heavy Seas Small Craft and Baltika 7

Last night good friend Uncle Crappy taught Craft Beer School at the Cabaret and joined myself and sickpuppy as alumni teachers for the event. I thought a nice change of pace would be to recap the beers when I attend these events and also give you an idea of what goes on.

Quick recap if you haven’t heard of Beer School before. It’s a 4 class schedule held in the fall and winter/spring at the Cabaret at Theater Square in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Sponsored by Vecenie Distributing Company, it’s $25 a ticket per class and you get 4 beers to sample plus a light fare. For the food, beer and education plus the company it really is a great deal. For more information

Last night we were treated to 4 pilsners that stretched the spectrum so instead of drawing them out over 4 weeks we’ll hit it all up in one shot. Shells Pils, Edelherb Pils, Heavy Seas Small Craft and Baltika 7

  • Shells Pils – Smelled like Bud. tasted like Bud. I could barely stomach it. Thank God I was sharing this with Norm. Spoon rating: D
  • Edelherb Pils – Very crisp and surprising. Mild bite from the hops. Finished a bit dry. Ideal summer session.¬†Spoon rating: C+
  • Heavy Seas Small Craft – This was an imperial pils that lived up to it’s name. To mock the Staples commercial “WOW! Thats a great beer!”. The alcohol was tasted slightly but quickly masked by the muscle punch of flavor of hops and slight sweetness. Incredible experience! Spoon rating: B+
  • Baltika 7 – This was my shocker. I’ve had other Baltika’s and hated them but this was actually very pleasant. if you’re looking at a basic pils to get started into the style I would suggest this one. Very clean, crisp and not overwhelming flavor to get your hopes up on all beers in this style. Spoon rating: B-

Here are pics from WPXI’s “See & Be Seen – Covering the hottest people and events in and around Pittsburgh” from last night’s Beer School. I’m in one pic and sickpup is in 3. Good times ūüôā


78 – Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor

Oh lordie we have ourselves some beer porn!

Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor
brewery: Brouwerij Het Anker –
style: Belgian IPA
abv: 8.0%
serving size: 22oz
glass used: snifter
price: $7.99

“Hopsinjoor” is a wordplay to for one thing the several hops which were used, and on the other hand the typical character of Mechelen of Gouden Carolus: the figure “opsinjoor” is intertwined with the history of Mechelen (see:¬†

4 types of hops are used: Golding, Spalt, Hallertau and Saaz. These hops were fractioned at several times in the cooking process in order to keep a maximum of aroma.

Regarding to taste we can say that the beer has a gentle, but nevertheless bitter aftertaste. Gold-yellow colour. Hoppy aroma.

What I think
Just LOOK at that head! Sweet God almighty I just stepped back and admired it for awhile. The body sits with an incredible golden hue which if you’re strictly an IPA drinker this could be a curve ball for you. The aroma was challenging at first. I picked up strong citrus upfront and that followed with a¬†nose-full¬†of hops. The taste brought on a sweetness that I was expecting but the carbonation was a bit high for my taste but the flavor was balanced with the amount of hops used. The finish was really what perked my interest. It started out sweet and ended semi-dry. Complexity is a great way to sum up this one.

Spoon’s rating: A-