79 – Beer School: Shells Pils, Edelherb Pils, Heavy Seas Small Craft and Baltika 7

Last night good friend Uncle Crappy taught Craft Beer School at the Cabaret and joined myself and sickpuppy as alumni teachers for the event. I thought a nice change of pace would be to recap the beers when I attend these events and also give you an idea of what goes on.

Quick recap if you haven’t heard of Beer School before. It’s a 4 class schedule held in the fall and winter/spring at the Cabaret at Theater Square in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Sponsored by Vecenie Distributing Company, it’s $25 a ticket per class and you get 4 beers to sample plus a light fare. For the food, beer and education plus the company it really is a great deal. For more information

Last night we were treated to 4 pilsners that stretched the spectrum so instead of drawing them out over 4 weeks we’ll hit it all up in one shot. Shells Pils, Edelherb Pils, Heavy Seas Small Craft and Baltika 7

  • Shells Pils – Smelled like Bud. tasted like Bud. I could barely stomach it. Thank God I was sharing this with Norm. Spoon rating: D
  • Edelherb Pils – Very crisp and surprising. Mild bite from the hops. Finished a bit dry. Ideal summer session. Spoon rating: C+
  • Heavy Seas Small Craft – This was an imperial pils that lived up to it’s name. To mock the Staples commercial “WOW! Thats a great beer!”. The alcohol was tasted slightly but quickly masked by the muscle punch of flavor of hops and slight sweetness. Incredible experience! Spoon rating: B+
  • Baltika 7 – This was my shocker. I’ve had other Baltika’s and hated them but this was actually very pleasant. if you’re looking at a basic pils to get started into the style I would suggest this one. Very clean, crisp and not overwhelming flavor to get your hopes up on all beers in this style. Spoon rating: B-

Here are pics from WPXI’s “See & Be Seen – Covering the hottest people and events in and around Pittsburgh” from last night’s Beer School. I’m in one pic and sickpup is in 3. Good times 🙂

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