About HDH

Most of you are here because you know me. My name is Douglas but you can call me spoon. Yup, as in the utensil.  I’m the co-host of the Should I Drink That podcast and at times a freelance craft beer writer. I love craft beer. I love the aroma, the taste of the hops and appreciate the work that goes into brewing a fine craft beer. I grew up in a family who still believes that beer is yellow, fizzy and cheap. I believed the same until I had my first craft beer at the Shaggy Dog in Erie, PA when Randy served me my first Erie Railbender and Blackened VooDoo. Since then my palate hasn’t looked back.

Humpday Happiness is a weekly beer review that is released on Wednesdays (get it, Hump Day!) HDH started in October of 2007 as random beer reviews I would write on my blog that wasn’t Should I Drink That related. I knew that I could talk about beer but could I write about it? After a few posts I rekindled a writing love that I haven’t had since my early days at Pitt and bought the domain you’re reading this on right now. OK, buying web domains is like crack to me but that’s besides the point.

What you’re going to see here is the evolution of what I want out of a beer review. I’ve tried different styles and formats but one thing that will always remain constant is my truth behind my reviews. I’m honest about my opinons of these beers and I invite you to leave comments. Love it or leave it I want to hear what YOU think!

Thanks for checking out HDH!

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