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The humping returns



News n’at

You may have noticed there haven’t been many updates recently. The closing on the house is coming up so we’re all frantic getting things ready for when we sign the papers. I have a few more beers to release and then we’ll see what happens. Figures right after I renew the domain that this opportunity came for me to… Well, I’ll wait.

more soon once its official


Drinking with the Wench

The Beer Wench and I sat down for a chit chat over email about my beer blogging, Should I Drink That, my own personal beer history from the first one I ever drank at age 16 (and still have the bottle) to why I does what I does now n’at. You’ll find out more about me that I haven’t said in interviews before and you can also check out the other fantastic beer bloggers she’s talked to.

Read the interview here!

Raise a pint and leave a comment here or there or everywhere ūüôā


P.S. ¬†Now that Should I Drink That has been revamped I’m starting work on this one. Hopefully by the end of April. If you’re new around here you can also check out my personal blog.


Beer News – bit by the bug

This is the second Wednesday that I haven’t been able to post but for good reason. I’m in a household of sick people. Palates are all screwed up and beer is piling up and its killing me not to drink it. Lushie is hopefully the last one sick so I can pound out a bunch of reviews so we’re not stuck in this situation again.

So until next Wednesday… I’m drinking vicariously through yinz!



site update

Many of you have emailed me asking what is going on since I would post religiously. Well that picture above, that happened. I’m based in Pittsburgh and shortly after that last post we got slammed with over 2ft of snow (I measured 42inches in my backyard)¬† that left the city in a state of emergency which I believe was extended again. I’ve had severe water damage at the house far beyond that ceiling and we’re still cleaning up.

Since this weekend is my birthday (I remember when 34 was considered old) I’m taking some time for myself and getting reviews done. So I’m drinking, you’re getting reviews, everyone wins.


The $400 beer run – Vintage Estate Wine & Beer

Upon reading an¬†article in the Post Gazette we found out that¬†Vintage Estate in¬†Boardman, Ohio was ranked as the¬†number 1 beer store in the world. You read that correctly, THE WORLD… in Boardman, Ohio! If you’ve never been to Boardman its basically strip mall heaven. Take Upper Peach in Erie or say 19 in Cranberry and multiply that by 10.

We’ve always heard about this place but never traveled. I guess we thought it was farther than it really is plus we think “Ohio? that’s another goddamn state!” (see, I’m a geography whiz). Turns out that it’s only 30 minutes from Cranberry TWP where we have¬†SIDT Studio A. That’s right, it’s faster for us to get to Boardman than it is to Monroeville, Murrysville or anything in the South Hills.

We arrive shortly before 7pm at a store front that looks the size of Bocktown. Walking in the clouds parted and angels sang from the heavens. Immediately to our right were shelves of beers that we have never seen in PA; most importantly The Bruery.

That gives you a rough layout of the store. Its wall to wall beer and even more wine in the middle. ¬†There is a tasting table in the back and also a bar in a side room that serves drafts and incredible flatbread. You can purchase a bottle and drink it in store but someone at the bar has to open it for you plus there is a small corking fee. Even with that the prices were considerably cheaper than PA. Keep in mind PA’s bullshit system for selling beer and the incredibly high tax (Johnstown flood was 74 years ago and we still pay on it). Hopslam in Pgh – $4.75/bottle | at Vintage Estate $2.99.

Vintage Estate is beer heaven and you need to visit. They have roughly 748 different beers and I would say 80% are ones we can’t get in PA. Its a short drive and if your significant other is giving you grief there are strip malls galore to keep them occupied. Downside, your beer wont be stronger than 12%abv. You’re not getting DFH 120 Minute here.

Here you go…¬†The Beer List (some were doubles and triples):

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No the rumors of my death due to drinking an American Light Lager have been GREAT exaggerated. I’ve taken a vacation and thought I was slick enough to post that on here but obviously I suck and auto post never happened.

I’ve spent these last few weeks traveling around and I have picked up some interesting beverages that I’ll be cracking open this weekend. I also had an interesting trip to one of the Giant Eagle’s that recently got their beer license. Yeah, not a pleasant experience.

Finally, and probably the coolest of all updates, I was interviewed by… well wait. I don’t think I can talk about it yet. It’ll happen in early 2010.

Enjoy the new year and I’ll see you on Jan 6th with review 69!


Review: Market District at Settlers Ridge

(click on image for 3264 x 2448 – 2.08MB)

To most of you outside of Pennsylvania this may seem like a normal thing but here in the fine SW corner of the commonwealth this is a first. For the first time we are able to buy beer in a grocery store and Giant Eagle’s Market District is the place.

Nestled in the corner of newly christened Settlers Ridge the mansion of foodie heaven opened its doors this weekend. You’re here for beer though, and quite frankly that’s why I went.

There are 2 coolers. The one pictured above and then around the corner from it that is 4x’s as long. There was also a display of Christmas beers at the street entrance to the cafe. I would loved to have taken more pictures of the beer layout but there were so many people in there you wouldn’t have seen anything. If you’re familiar with Wegman’s on Upper Peach in Erie the coolers are similar. No rows of bottles though.

One worker told me they have 250 different beers which, from a bottle shop standard, is on the lower end of the spectrum but I do give them credit for going above and beyond the Bud/Miller/Coors. The cooler pictured above is for single bottles. I was pleased to the gang from Ommegang (avg price $7.99) going top shelf and joined by Brooklyn’s Local 1 and 2, Chimay, Orval (for $5! wooo) and a class from Lindemans.

Unfortunately this is the only section with freestanding bottles. Everything else is 4 , 6 or 12 packs. Overall display and appeal of setup was pretty high and everything was clearly marked with a price which is great when you’re there for a quick pickup.

This is where the knife will be plunged into the heart of most bottle shops who rely on carry out beer sales. I like using Arrogant Bastard as a price gauge. That’s pretty much a staple of any craft beer store and if they stick you on that then you’re in for an expensive trip.¬† Market District price was $4.50, avg. bottle shop $7, restaurant price $11. Based on prices I’ve seen recently, Market District offers beverages $1-3 cheaper than most bottle shops on the singles and almost $5 cheaper on the 4 and 6 packs.


This is a huge step for craft beer in PA. I don’t see a lot of the bottle shops losing too much business since its 2 different levels of service you’re getting… for now. Market District is too new for us to know what they’re going to do in terms of events or how educated the staff will be. Local bottle shops are usually staffed with beer geeks and have a wider selection meanwhile if you need a beer in a pinch and want convenience odds have it you’ll hit the supermarket. Now with Wine and Spirit stores in many Giant Eagles you really can have a one stop shop. Local breweries who are getting their beers into these stores will now have remarkable visibility and the BMC drinkers will hopefully get a better understanding of the varieties out there. My wish for now is that they get some aisles for single bottles and 6packs that aren’t already chilled in the coolers.

Here is the beer list for Market District.


P.S. Oh yeah my shopping. I picked up 3 Philosophers, Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale and Orval for $19.


2 years of Hump’n – FREE BEER!

On this date WAAAAAYYY back in 2007 I started Hump Day Happiness over on my personal site.

Since then I’ve reviewed 61 beers, made some great friends and traded for some fantastic beers. Thanks to all who have supported this site and of course the Should I Drink That podcast.

Nothing special planned to celebrate but if you see me out this weekend with the other Podcampers you can always buy me a beer ūüôā

I do have a present for you! If you follow SIDT (which you should, dont be a jagoff) you know about the fab prize package we’re giving away. A pair of tickets to TWO beer fests in Pittsburgh. Enter now and win your entrance to free craft beer geekdom.


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The Easter Beer Ham

I’m doing a crossover post with my personal blog since it suits both places. This is the Easter Beer Ham that Lushie and I worked on this year. Its been a couple of weeks since we’ve made it and the taste of deliciousness is still present.

It was difficult to decide on the right beer that would compliment the ham. That was until I opened a Coney Island Lager ( ) from Shmaltz brewing ( ) while prepping the side dishes. The beer has a mild malt flavor and some bite from hops which will balance the sweetness of the brown sugar we’re going to use.

Go see the beer ham goodness over at Flickr and follow the steps below in making this beer food porn gem.

What we used:

What to do:

  1. Place ham in center of casserrole dish
  2. 1 inch deep cuts made around the top so the beer bath will be able to soak in
  3. Put 1 cup of packed brown sugar into a large bowl
  4. Add 2 cups of Coney Island Lager to the brown sugar and whisk together
  5. Pour  the mix over the ham where you made the cuts so it runs down covering the ham
  6. Let the ham sit for a few minutes while you prep your side dishes
  7. Bake 15 minutes per pound. Since ours was 7lbs we baked for 105minutes or 1hr 45minutes
  8. Baste your ham with the beer bath every 15 minutes. For smaller hams than 4lbs I’d suggest every 10. Judgment call really, just don’t let it burn
  9. The beer bath that you were basting it in will put a sweetness to the outside that you’re going to be temped to lick. Err I mean wait to enjoy at dinner
  10. Let the ham sit for 5-10 minutes. It will finish cooking itself while resting and locking in the juice
  11. Slice to size you prefer. I like it .5 – 1 inch
  12. Use the leftover bath as a gravy. Plate, serve and enjoy!

We weren’t worried about presentation at this point. The aroma of beer and ham was intoxicating (no pun intended).

Let me know how it works out for you!