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53 – Bells Pale Ale Infused with Juniper Berries


You won’t find this anywhere else besides at Bocktown in Pittsburgh. I say this because they use their own infuser (aptly named “BREWSER the Infuser”) to make some of the most interesting twists on draft beers. Bocktown has quickly become one of my favorite places to go to for a beer in Pittsburgh. Check out Should I Drink That Episode 53 where we recorded live at the Beer Dependence Day celebration!

Bells Pale Ale Infused
Bells Brewery –
style: American Pale Ale
abv: 5%
serving size: draft
glass used: pint
price: $4

A refreshing, blond colored pale ale. Bell’s pale ale is made almost exclusively from pale malt. It expresses a spicy floral hop aroma and taste.

What I think
Most of my friends know that I’m a big gin fan so on our first trip to Bocktown I find that they have Bell’s Pale Ale INFUSED with Juniper… oh sweet Jesus YES! Sickpuppy joined me and added “I’m not drinking a beer that tastes like a Christmas tree.” *sigh* some people just don’t understand.

The aroma of Juniper is mild and noticeable but not punching me in my sniffer. The infusion had no impact on the appearance of the beer so it retained a golden hue. The bartender Kris knew exactly how to pour and delivered a foamy 2 finger head that would have been perfect to rest a hop leaf on if you’re going for aesthetics.  The flavor was glorious for a gin fan who also happens to love pale ales. What I’m getting at is this was unbe-freakin-lievable!  Crisp with a strong wheat and hop presence followed up with some Juniper twang to finish it off.

Chris Dilla and the team at Bocktown really have delivered a quality product and experience. To cap off your trip you need to order from what I call the unbutton you pants delicious menu. Bocktown Burger will leave you in awe. Don’t believe me? Check out the report WTAE did.

Spoon’s rating: A

Imperial Stouts are generally known as Winter beers.  Because of their high alcohol content (in this case, 9.5% ABV), they tend to lay heavy on your tongue which some find less palatable in warmer seasons such as this.  But this beer doesn’t do that. It’s lush, yes — rich with malt and chocolate and slight hints of vanilla. With such a sweet overall balance of malt, it almost seems that the hops play a very minor role in the overall flavor of the beer. Even the roasted barley, one of the most integral ingredients of any Stout, doesn’t take over.  Ten Fidy almost seems like a beer that doesn’t take itself seriously, when it should. It couldn’t be less assuming. It is in a can, after all.Don’t judge this beer by its appearance in its package. Because once it’s in your glass, it’s a whole new ball game. Available coast to coast.


02 – Sierra Nevada Harvest Fresh Hop Ale 2007

This is 22oz of deliciousness…

6.2% ABV – Fall Release

Poured a light amber color with a fluffy head. Aroma of fresh tea leaves and nice hop flavor that wasn’t overpowering… and damn was it tasty 🙂