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24 – Knights Head Pale Ale

When you’re done reading this I want you to go check out the official website for this line of beer. Knightshead is one of the most appealing sites I’ve seen this year. Only thing missing is the ABV for the beers and they never answered emails asking for it. That aside I LOVE the website –

Knight’s Head Pale Ale
Round Table –
beer website:
style: English Pale Ale
serving size:
glass used:
pint glass

Sickpuppy had picked up a case of this when he was at Save on Beer because it was $10.  I’m not kidding, TEN DOLLARS! It’s a new brew from the makers of Lionshead (Best Head in Town!) and Butt Monkey in the fine Pennsylvania town of Wilkes-Barre. When I went to SoB I was told that the price will go up to $20-$25 some time in November so buy it now if you can.

What I think
This is a perfect gateway beverage when you’re starting out in craft beers. Poured a copper/amber body with very little head but provided a balance of hops and malt. The hop profile is very noticeable but doesn’t overpower the palate and leaves a moderate malt finish. This is your session beer, meaning it’s a beer that you can chill with and have more than a few. You can appreciate the flavor profile without having to put much thought into it. It’s just good. Plus for the price you can’t beat it.

Spoon’s rating: B

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