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09 – Fat Heads Ale


This is a birthday beer from my bro which he picked up from one of my absolute favorite mecas in Pittsburgh. Fat Heads Ale is specially brewed and bottled by Rogue Brewing and sold exclusively in their upstairs 6 pack shop. If you can’t make it to Fat Head’s but do have access to Rogue’s, pick up a few bottles of Younger’s Special Bitter. Same beverage, different bottle.

This particular selection is and English Bitter so you’re going to experience a moderate malt tone along with mid to high levels of hops. Don’t expect much of an alcohol kick as this comes in low around 4-5% ABV.

The pour on this was amazing. Dare I say it was beer porn? There was a feathery pillow of head on top that was inviting to lay a hop leaf in it (that’s for you PodCampPgh 2 pre-post dinner partiers). The body had a light amber but the flavor was anything but that. Full taste that wasn’t heavy on the palate. I found a medium level of malt and hops which were a pleasant treat plus the lacing left on the glass was very impressive (again, beer porn).

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, this one gets a thumbs up. Besides the great tasting beverage I have to give props to the bottle art. The front decor is the Fat Heads logo, which I think looks good on anything, while the side lists the ingredients (lets see fizzy yellow beer do that) and the Fat Heads way of life… chill out man. have a beer!

IBU – 35
Lovibond – 317
A.A. – 75
Plato – 12

Fat Head’s website –