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60 – Erie Fallenbock

This is the end of the fall beers before we get into the pumpkins next week. I love this time of season because I’m finding out that I’m more of a malty fan than a hop bomb when the leaves start to change. Ironic since I’m not a fan of things that are sweet.

Erie Brewing Fallenbock
Erie Brewing Company –
style: Doppelbock
abv: 7.8%
serving size: 12oz
glass used: pint
price: $3.75

History states that the first Oktoberfest was on October 12, 1810: For the commemoration of the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Keeping up with Erie Brewing’s German brewing influence, our brewer creates Fallenbock, a classic Oktoberfest lager that is a harmonious marriage of classic malts and hops that has a wonderful clean and crisp flavor to celebrate Autumn and Oktoberfest.

What I think
My favorite Doppelbock of all time has been Troegenator and I never thought that I would ever meet a beer that could make a run for the crown. That was until I had my first Erie Fallenbock. The pour was a dark amber with a light to moderate head. I was hoping for something a bit creamier but was pleased to see it stick around for a bit.

The aroma was sweet with a hint of chocolate. The taste was mouthful of malt but was balanced with light hops as to not make overpowering. The body was moderate and finished with a velvety smooth sweet chocolate. There isn’t much I would change on this beer except that I wish more was available.

Spoon’s rating: A-

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31 – Victory St. Victorious

There was a special at Mad Mex tonight where if you buy a pint of Victory you received a free pint glass (pictured above). What better reason to review a beer than for a free glass!

Victory St. Victorious
Victory Brewing –
beer website: St Victorious
serving size:
glass used:
price: $2.50

From the tradition started by the monks of St. Francis of Paula in 1634 comes this warming beer of rich heritage. A dark, rich lager of sublime complexity and character, St. Victorious is created from multiple German malts. Laborious decoction mashing yields the choicest elements of the malt. Long, cold aging mellows the strong temperament of this subtle beer. Celebrate the end of winter with a warming draft of St. Victorious Doppelbock!

What I think
I would go on record as saying that the best dopplebock/double bock I have ever had is the Troegenator from Troegs Brewing. That is until tonight. I didn’t pour this so I can’t fairly judge the head but coming from the tap in front of me it poured like heaven. Mad Mex is a dimly lit Mexican restaurant (with a kickass beer menu) so I can’t say how the body looked but I can tell you how it tasted. Sweet Jesus malt but not overly sweet. Sweetness did hang around slightly for an aftertaste but didn’t leave me smacking my lips and trying to get a film off my tongue. For the alcohol in this it’s balanced perfectly and in fact, after 3 I was feeling good and wanted more. I may have found a replacement for the Troegenator. Once again a beer from Pennsylvania that rocks my palate!

Spoon’s rating: A