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32 – Stoudts Winter Ale

I wasn’t sure which I would release for this week’s edition. I have some VERY special brews that I picked up yesterday at 3 Sons and right now we’re debating if it will make a future episode of SIDT. We’re recording this weekend so you’ll know next week if they make the cut.

This beer is going to confuse the hell out of people who think that all beers are yellow and fizzy because the word “Ale” is at the end. You know that Genny is what comes to mind.  Time for an education.

Stoudts Winter Ale
Stoudts –
beer website: Winter Ale
American Porter
serving size:
glass used:
price: $2.50

The website doesn’t have jack about this. Boo on brewery websites who have next to nothing about their beers. I threw out the bottle thinking I could get it off the website. After some digging around on the interwebz I found “ This medium to full bodied ale is a deep brown color with notes of chocolate and nut flavors. It has a subtle hop bitterness and chocolaty aroma. This is the perfect holiday beer for the season.”

What I think
The only thing that could have possibly saved this beer would be to have drank it from the Sam Adams ultimate beer glass which seems to save the soul of many beers. No need for how the head was or it’s body because come on, it was a plastic cup. I really need to get my own glass at 3 Sons for moments like this.

I had very little nose on this but did eventually get a slight aroma of coffee and sweetness of some malt. I’m not a coffee drinker so I can’t tell you any type of coffee besides black greasy spoon diner coffee. The initial taste was minimal on coffee and a bit chocolate but after that went downhill dull faster than an OJ trial. It felt flat on the palate and was making for a rough time to finish but alas I’m a trooper for you. I’ve had dry porters before and this wasn’t it. Overall a bad experience but not worthy of a “D”. I’ll need to revisit sometime soon because something just wasn’t right.

Spoon’s rating: C-