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42 – Arcadia Shipwreck Porter


When I started drinking craft beers on a regular basis for our show Shipwreck Porter was my first ever “WOW” beer. In fact their owner Tim Suprise was the first major brewery owner I had ever met back in 06.  This is the 2007 vintage that was aged when I picked it up at Fat Heads. Rumors of Arcadia’s demise in the Pittsburgh area has been great exaggerated.

Arcadia Brewing Shipwreck Porter
Arcadia Brewing Company –
Baltic Porter
serving size:
glass used:
Sam Adams Perfect Beer glass
awards: 2007 Winner, 1st Place, Chicago Beer Society
price: $10

Nothing like a 10-year-old Bourbon to add dimension to a beer!  This Baltic-style Porter has a robust, roasted malt emphasis that is nicely balanced by a slightly herbal hop bitterness.  Aged for 6 months in 10-year-old Kentucky Bourbon barrels, Shipwreck Porter is a tasty and tasteful combination of  brilliant flavors.  Bourbon adds notes of earth, vanilla, brown sugar and spice, while the barrels contribute mild, oaky tones.  Cocoa and coffee notes co-mingle with toasty, malty flavors and a lingering alcohol warmth.

This is a BIG beer.  Lots of alcohol and lots of flavor mean this brew can cellar for years.  Our Shipwreck Porter is delicious on its own or with a nice cigar, but also brilliant with many foods or as a digestif.

Recommended Foods:  Earthy Cheese such as Camembert, BBQ, Chocolate-Bourbon Cake

What I think
Aging a beer in my house is a rare thing and I only started recently. Mostly due to the fact beer never lasts that long in my house but with Teaspoon my beverage time is next to none. When I stopped at Fat Head’s and found a bottle of 07 I knew I was in for a treat.

My main concern was that the already present bourbon would be strong enough to take lead paint off my 1970’s Matchbox cars and probably run a truck. I’m glad to report I was wrong. In fact it mellowed enough over the 18 months that I was taken to a new land of craft beer bliss.  The head still poured a caramel tone and hung around for a few minutes. The aroma was bourbon, oak and malty. Shipwreck carried a medium body and finished with a malty bourbon slide. Unfortunately Fat Heads had the bottles in the cooler only so I’m hesitant to pick one up and store it in the beer cellar. Anyone have advice on this?

Spoon’s rating: A