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41 – Left Coast Brewing Black Magic Stout


I picked up this bottle also at D’s 6pk Shop in Regent Square. Unfortunately there was no price on the bottle or shelf (that’s common in the beer cave) and was part of a special on mixed 6packs.

Never heard of it but they carried the full series so I figured why not.

Left Coast Brewing Black Magic Stout
Left Coast Brewing Company –
American Stout
serving size:
glass used:
awards: Silver Medal Winner 2007 San Diego County Fair | Gold medal Winner 2007 LA County Fair | Gold Medal Winner 2007 California State Fair.
price: no idea, price tags are apparently tough to come by these days

Simply a stronger version of a traditional Dry Irish Stout. It is a full bodied, dark brew that is rich and malty with plenty of roasted barley character. This hearty stout is layered with flavors of roasted barley, chocolate, and coffee.

What I think
I don’t normally go for non-imperial bottles that have collected dust but something spoke to me about this bottle. Basically I was thirsty and needed something to complete the 6pk.

The pour was average and the head was a light tan but astonishingly the nose was that of stale chocolate or old coffee beans. To my surprise this would be a  palatable adventure. Malty in the front and coffee in the back but yet for a thin bodied stout this was resting quite peacefully on my palate. I started to pick up notes of dark roasted beans and a Hershey’s syrup favored chocolate. I really want to give this beer an “A” but the aroma was a huge turnoff for me.

Spoon’s rating: B+