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17 – DuClaw Naked Fish

This past weekend my cohort in craft beer went to Baltimore for the 2nd annual Gravy Fest. Since I was stuck here in Pittsburgh finishing my last final he was nice enough (I bugged the hell out of him) to pick up a growler from DuClaw for me.

Apparently the bartender mucked up the order and instead fo me getting an imperial pils I lucked out with a delicious chocolate raspberry stout. I’ve had quite a few of these from other breweries but none pleased me as much as this one. The aroma on this one was a noseful of raspberry and chocolate bliss. The raspberry in taste though once wasn’t in your face dominate. The chocolate was barely noticeable but the characteristics of a stout were dead on.

Overall it’s a good stout but after having other beers from DuClaw it’s not worth driving to Baltimore for. Now if I’m already there that’s another story. i could drink a lot of it.

Chocolate Rasberry Stout
Color: Black
Hop Variety: Goldings
Grains: Pale malt, Roasted barley, Caramunich malt, Chocolate malt
Bitterness: 30 BU’s
Gravity: 12 plato
Alcohol Content: 4.6% abv